Chapter Leadership

Edward Filistowicz

Chapter President

Ed has been a federal employee since 1981, and with the Internal Revenue Service since 1987. Ed graduated from Salem State College in 1987, with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, with a concentration in accounting. Throughout college, Ed worked at the veterans administration, and upon graduating, Ed transferred to the IRS as a Revenue Agent. Ed then spent 25 years conducting audits and participating in details mostly related to teaching or computers.

Ed passed the CPA exam in May 1990 and obtained his CPA license in 1994. He obtained the CFE credential from West Virginia University in 2006, and earned a Master of Science in Taxation from Suffolk University in 2007.

Ed was elected as the Chapter's Vice President of Exam & MITS in 2009, and as Chapter President for a three year term in 2012.

In my 25 years with the service, I have had good managers and I have had bad managers. I have seen many people get screwed by management, and many people get justifiably punished. In either case, rarely does management consider all of the facts. That is why I have always been a union member.

While I have only served with the IRS as a revenue agent, I have worked with, and come to respect all the various job functions in the service. From my first POD in Lawrence MA, where we used to work together with the ROs, and had to cover lunch time for the Taxpayer Assistance. When I first started out, the only way I came to understand what my new job was going to be, was by sitting in on an office audit exam, and then doing an office auditor's job for six weeks. I know that there are more jobs to be done in the service, and I know that each of us, is asked to work with inadequate staffing, budgets and space. But hopefully if we all work together, our union can make it bearable for each of us.

Let me know how we're doing.

Robert Stinson

Executive Vice President

John Cashman

Collection Vice President & Chief Steward

Linda Candela

Examination and MITS Vice President

Jill Regan