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First Name Last Name BU Function POD Phone Email address Pic
Kenneth Rynn Retired N/A At Large N/A
Lucy Marchese SBSE Examination Boston (7th Fl) (617) 316-2477
Mark Rodowicz W&I Taxpayer Advisory Springfield (413) 785-0168
Rocco DeRose SBSE Collection Stoneham (2nd Fl) (781) 835-4244
Matthew Curewitz SBSE Collection Southborough (508) 357-7014
Michael Lowden SBSE Examination Brockton (508) 559-4588
Pamela Chester-Smith IT IT Specialist Boston (10th Fl) (617) 316-2040
Robert Gerrig W&I Taxpayer Advisory Boston (7th Fl) (617) 316-2680
David Knight SBSE Collection Stoneham (2nd Fl) (781) 876-1109
Gerry Lavoie LB&I Examination Fitchburg (978) 342-6051
Joseph Jarosz LB&I Examination Stoneham (3rd Fl) (781) 876-1100
David LaJoie Retired N/A At Large (508) 386-6481
Carmelitta Benjamin SBSE Examination Boston (7th Fl) (617) 316-2662
Ashalond Daniel LB&I Examination Stoneham (3rd Fl) (781) 876-1233
Giacomo DiCenso SBSE Examination Brockton (508) 513-3553
Will Egan SBSE Examination Brockton (508) 513-3556
Colin McLean SBSE Examination Springfield (413) 785-0203
Julianne Powers TEGE Examination Boston (8th Fl) (617) 316-2902