Chapter President

Thomas McCabe

Tom graduated from Merrimack College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He started his long-term career at IRS in the formerly known Collection Division then transferred to Examination as a general program internal revenue agent. Tom is a IRS certified instructor, OJI and worked in those roles locally as well as for the National Office. He has experience in Specialty Tax, as Revenue Agent Technical Advisor for the Taxpayer Advocate Service, contributed to the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Annual Report to Congress and worked as an Analyst with the
Whistleblower Program. He continues to maintain contacts and relationships with colleagues in those programs to this day which may become useful to Chapter 23. He has also witnessed the changes from the Examination, Collection, Taxpayer Service IRS module to the concept of Business Operating Divisions and its challenges to management and employees. Tom was an appointed Steward in 2016, 2017 and ran unopposed for Chapter President in the 2018 Chapter election. Tom hopes his years of experiences across multiple specialties and functions that he earned professionally and personally will be beneficial to the Chapter. Tom has been complemented by an experienced and dedicated team of officers and is furthering outreach to members and potential members with stewards who are effective and supported by resources from NTEU’s exceptional leadership headed by national president Tony Reardon. Tom is also building a stronger leadership team for tomorrow’s chapter by enhancing union leadership trainings. Tom has been humbly raising children and grandchildren as his own with his significant other. Tom is an avid winter and summer sports enthusiast.

Executive Vice President

Rebecca Ko

Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor degree in art from Northeastern University. Rebecca also holds graduate degrees in taxation and professional accounting from Suffolk University. Rebecca has substantial experience in the field of retirement financial compliance in the industry and as a self-employed consultant. Her tax compliance skills were exemplified by work at two of the big four
accounting firms prior to starting her IRS career as an LB&I Revenue Agent. Rebecca was an appointed Steward in 2016; elected interim Executive Vice-president in 2017 and re-elected to that position in the 2018 Chapter election. Her current role is to assist the Chapter president with updating and managing Chapter operations, web site, mini-chapter meetings, outreach to management for improved communication between the Chapter and its members. Further, Rebecca has been actively involved in representing members for a number of critical issues and to insure employee rights are protected. Rebecca enjoys her quality time with her young child. She also enjoys antiquing and travel for leisure.

Vice President of Exam and Chief Steward

Linda Candela

Linda is a graduate of Nichols College and a CPA. She joined the service in 1991 as a grade 9 “General Program” Revenue Agent. Prior to that she worked both in public and private accounting. In 2000, when LB&I stood up, she was assigned to SBSE as a Revenue Agent until 2003 when she was promoted to LB&I. She has been an LB&I Revenue Agent ever since. In 2013 she became a steward in NTEU Chapter 23. In 2015 she was elected to the position of Vice President of Exam and MITS. In 2018 she was reelected to that position and appointed as Chief Steward of Chapter 23. Linda believes all employees should be treated with dignity and respect. She believes in fighting to keep the benefits and protections we all enjoy. There is strength in numbers and the voice of organized employees in NTEU will be heard!

Vice President of Collections

Matthew Curewitz

Matt Curewitz believes a lot of people do a good job writing bios. But, generally, the results are impressive listings of accomplishments that can be a little dull to read. If there is one thing that Matt tries to avoid, its being dull. Sure, he can rattle off his resume’s highlights such as serving as a Revenue Officer posted to Southboro, MA POD since 2004, an active union member, serving as a Steward since 2010, Legislative Coordinator since 2013, and election as Vice President of Collections, Insolvency & Taxpayer Service in 2018. When it’s all listed like that, it sounds good but you really don’t get to know who he is as a person. For example, he is unlikely to tell you about his Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Political Science from Fitchburg State College but he will be happy to tell you war stores from the political campaigns he has worked on like how he once almost broke Michael Dukakis’ hand.

While he believes in community service and serves as a Commissioner for the City of Worcester’s Hope Cemetery, he is more likely to gush over the time there was a wild bobcat roaming the cemetery grounds. In 2018, he
volunteered for a hurricane relief mission in the U.S. Virgin Islands after they were decimated by Hurricanes Maria & Irma but his favorite memory was having the kids at the elementary school he was working on notice a quick kiss to his wife and how they scolded him because, “That’s illegal!”. They were only convinced of the smooch’s legality after Matt told them it he was married and showed his wedding ring as proof. Over time, he has found that building these life experiences and accumulating these stories have gained him skills that have applied to all sorts of areas in his life.

Professionally, he has pursued the same strategy. Instead of working day-in, day-out in the difficult position of Revenue Officer, he has augmented his skill by taking on roles including as a Subject Matter Expert on Identity Theft, certified instructor, OJI, and more. Now he can tell you all sorts of things about stupid identity thieves or advising trainees to how avoid vicious poodles. Maybe he drinks too much coffee because in addition to all this he still has the energy to play bass for multiple bands (currently he is in The McCrites who play upbeat Irish drinking songs as well as more contemporary favorites), is an author, enjoys traveling to local, national, and international locations, and generally spends his time with his wife- who better not divorce him by the time you read this or this blurb will look silly. In all, Matt has a wealth of experience that he brings to our chapter and is looking forward to doing even more. If you ever see him at a bar, buy him a drink and maybe he will tell you all about it.


Jill Regan

Jill started at the IRS as a Revenue Agent in 2009 after graduating from Suffolk University and has worked in SBSE for her entire career. She has worked both in the field and in Technical Services. Her favorite part of the job is the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people and to learn about different industries. She became a CPA in 2016 to expand her accounting skills. Jill began volunteering as a steward early in her career and was elected to her first term as Treasurer in 2015. She has helped members resolve numerous issues, including employee audits, TIGTA investigations, appraisal problems, and more.

In her spare time, Jill enjoys hiking the Blue Hills and trying new recipes.