NTEU seeks IMS Change Request Evaluation Team Members

IRS — LB&I Nominations are needed for the Issue Management System Change Request Evaluation Team

NTEU seeks nominations for the Issue Management System (IMS) Change Request Evaluation Team.  The new team will serve from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020.  The agency provided the following information about the IMS Change Request Evaluation Team:

The team is comprised of employees who regularly use IMS.  Team members participate for a period of one year. Current and previous team members are encouraged to reapply. The team has review meetings once or twice per month.  All meetings are virtual, either a conference call or a Skype meeting. Normally these meetings are scheduled for less than two hours. At the meetings, the team reviews IMS Change Requests, reviews and discusses the application of current changes to IMS, and serves as a focus group for current IMS changes.  They are responsible for evaluating change requests for usability and feasibility and prioritizing the requests. Kelly Greene, Program Manager, Office of Case Management System Solutions, leads the team.

Team members must be GS-13/14 experience level who currently use IMS. When nominating bargaining unit employees, please identify the employee’s business unit and function (e.g., Collection or Exam), and whether the employee holds any union office or is a Steward. Please submit your nominations for team participants no later than May 14, 2019, to Frank Barczykowski, via e-mail at frankb@nteu.org.

Anthony M. Reardon
National President