Back Dues will be Withheld Pay Period 09

The IRS has informed NTEU that the member dues that were not withheld for PP 26 due to the government shutdown will now be deducted from employee paychecks in PP 09.

As you know all too well, during the 35-day partial government shutdown the IRS and other federal employees were not paid for PP 26 or PP 01.  As a result, certain deductions that were supposed to be withheld during those pay periods were not.  Later, when employees were paid, the normal deductions were made for PP 01 but not for PP 26.  Since that time, the IRS has been working with the National Finance Center to schedule the various deductions that should have been withheld in PP 26, including the dues withholding deduction for NTEU members.    

We have been advised by the IRS that the back dues for PP 26 will be deducted from members pay in PP 09 (4/28 – 5/11/19).  The direct deposit date for PP 09 is on or about May 20, 2019, depending on the employee’s bank.  When the PP 26 dues are deducted from members’ pay, it will be recorded on the pay stub as a separate deduction from the regular dues withholding that is deducted for PP 09.