National Grievance filed over Incorrect Promotion Actions

NTEU has filed a second National Grievance against the IRS for the agency’s violations of Article 13 in additional promotion actions.

Today, NTEU filed the attached national grievance against the IRS alleging it violated Articles 4 and 13 of the 2019 National Agreement (“2019 NA”) in promotion actions for numerous positions around the country. This is our second national grievance involving promotion actions and involves seventeen vacancy announcements that were posted in or about the summer of 2018 and/or FY 2019 for numerous positions across multiple divisions in multiple posts-of-duty, including postings for Revenue Officers, Revenue Agents, Tax Specialists, Tax Auditors, and Appeals Officers, among others. The first national grievance involved promotion actions for Revenue Officers in SB/SE.

In the new grievance, NTEU alleges that by failing to properly credit applicants for each of these vacancy announcements with the points to which they were entitled under Article 13, Section 5, the IRS has violated Article 13, Sections 5, 6 and 7 of the 2019 NA, as well as Article 4, Section 2L and applicable law, which prohibit an agency from taking any personnel action that violates any law, rule, or regulation implementing or directly concerning merit system principles. NTEU also contends the IRS’ actions constitute a patent breach of Article 13 and an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute (FSLMRS). Among other remedies, we have requested that the IRS re-run each promotion action for the vacancy announcements at issue and properly rank all of the candidates who applied to determine which employees were improperly omitted from one or more BQ certificates. As to those employees, we have requested that the IRS grant them priority consideration rights pursuant to Article 13, Section 11.

The affected job announcement numbers are:

  • 18CW3-SBB0806-1169-13-ND
  • 18CS4-SBB0956-0512-13-DD
  • 18CW2-SBB0805-0526-11-K
  • 18CS1-TEB1268-0501-11-RM
  • 18CS1-TEB1269-0343-13-RP
  • 18CS1-TEB1275-0343-13-NW
  • 18CS2-TEB0727-0512-13-CS
  • 18CS6-LBB0691-0512-13-PB
  • 18CW2-APB0895-0930-13-ZZ
  • 18CW3-CLB0775-1035-9-12-M
  • 18CW3-WIB0677-0501-13-ND
  • 18CW3-WIB0738-0501-12-13
  • 18CS3-WIB0862-0343-9T13-D
  • 18CS3-WIB0891-1035-TR1213
  • 18CW2-WIB0809-1035-14-JM
  • 19CE1-ITB0040-2210-14-VA
  • 19CE1-ITB0068-0343-13-JR

If you applied for one of these job announcements, you will be automatically considered in the grievance. We’ll let you know more details as they come out.